New Bandook RAT: Microsoft Windows Machines on The Target

Bandook RAT

Amid the RAT market grows among the hackers, a new variant of Bandook RAT has been found to target Windows Machines. This new variant makes it way through the phishing attacks to bypass the all the securities walls, aiming to get inside the victim’s windows machine. Introduction to Bandook RAT According to the Fortinet FortiGuard … Read more

APT28 Malware Attack Outlook: Microsoft warns about Forest Blizzard Group


APT28 Malware Attack: On Monday, Microsoft detected Kremlin-backed nation-state activity, exploiting the critical flaws of Microsoft Outlook Mailing Service. The flaws can provide unauthorized access to victim’s accounts over Exchange servers. According to Microsoft, the culprit is Forest Blizzard Group (previously known as “Strontium”). The attackers group is found to be spreading APT28 malware, which … Read more

Thanksgiving hack on North Carolina: Employees Data got Leaked

Thanksgiving hack on North Carolina

News regarding a recent cyber attack called “Thanksgiving Hack” was posted in a city in North Carolina. The government has warned the employees that hackers accessed the system data during a pre-Thanksgiving holiday. The incident took place in the city of Hendersonville. It’s a town with more than 15000 people, located near the Blue Ridge … Read more

Artificial Intelligence on the Verge of Breakout: Microsoft and Alphabet making dominance

Artificial Intelligence on the Verge of Breakout

Artificial Intelligence on the Verge of Breakout: Embarking on a journey that traces back to the 1930s, recent progress in generative AI marks significant advancements that extend beyond mere technological innovations, influencing various industries. These state-of-the-art algorithms act as digital maestros, seamlessly orchestrating tasks such as summarizing emails, crafting responses, generating meeting updates, composing slideshows, … Read more

Atomic macOS Stealer AMOS malware: Apple Computers are at Risk

Atomic macOS Stealer AMOS malware

Atomic macOS Stealer AMOS malware: In a concerning development, the ‘ClearFake’ browser update campaign has reached macOS, targeting Apple computers with the Atomic Stealer (AMOS) malware. The narrative began unfolding in July of this year, with ClearFake initially focusing on Windows users. Using deceptive Chrome update prompts on compromised websites through JavaScript injections, the campaign … Read more

APT Attack: HrServ Web Shell targeting Afghanistan Government

HrServ Web Shell

HrServ Web Shell: In a digital landscape filled with complexities, a clandestine player has emerged, deploying an enigmatic web shell named HrServ in a suspected advanced persistent threat (APT) assault against an undisclosed government entity in Afghanistan. This elusive web shell, donned with the cryptic moniker “hrserv.dll,” reveals a sophisticated nature, boasting advanced functionalities such … Read more

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Alert: Exposes North Korean Hackers “Diamond Sleet” Supply Chain Attack

Diamond Sleet

“Diamond Sleet” Supply Chain Attack: Microsoft recently uncovered a troubling incident involving a supply chain attack, skillfully executed by North Korean hackers. These cyber operatives attached a malicious file to an authentic photo and video editing application installer. In a blog post released on Wednesday, Microsoft Threat Intelligence shed light on the situation, attributing the … Read more