What you know about Cyber Security?

Written by Darshit Varotaria

I'm a Web Application Pentester, Security Researcher and Bug Hunter.

September 15, 2018

What is Cyber Security?

Hello guys! Today I will be talking on cyber security. It is a very common word which almost every one of you have heard. But still there are people who have only heard about it and don’t have any idea what does cyber security represents?

I know many of you have complete idea about it but there are people of computer field don’t have any idea about it also I have met people who are working as frontend and backend developers but have no idea about cyber security.

Definition of Cyber Security

If anyone asks me that what is cyber Security? I will simply say that it’s a field dealing with security of digital data or assets.

Cyber Security is completely dealing with protecting digital data, whether it is stored on cloud platforms, physical devices like Hard disk, SSD drive, USB and so on.

I have seen many profiles on linked in which users have described cyber security as their working field. But let me tell you that just describing your work as cyber security is not complete information.

You can compare it with a person describing job role as an Engineer. Stating your job as Engineer is an incomplete answer as Engineering is a huge domain contains various streams like Computer, IT, Mechanical, Civil and so on. Similarly, simply stating job role in cyber security is not a complete answer or I can say description of jobs or working area.Cyber Security is a huge domain where you have to specify your work field.

A person working in the cyber security domain can be a freelancer or corporate employee with title of security researcher, security analyst, secure software development, security architecture, security consultant, cyber forensic expert and so on.

Scopes in Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the most trending, fastest growing and demanding area. The whole world is dealing with increasing threats of cyber crime.

Instead of taking control of cyber crimes, countries are struggling with not getting a victim of cyber-attack. The person with skills of any domain of cyber security can easily get hired by companies as there are not many people who can deal with it.

Even companies are hiring people who don’t have any education degree, completely based on their skills. This is something new and I’m watching first time in history that companies are posting jobs only requires skills instead of focusing on certifications.

Somewhere, cyber security is changing the old ritual of getting hired based on good grades. So, these are few job roles I have shared which can easily found in the cyber security domain.

Job Roles in Cyber Security

Guys! Cyber Security is a very huge domain that I cannot describe each and every role, but I will be addressing most popular job titles.

Before, I would like to put an example so you all can get idea about why it’s difficult to describe all titles. For example, a person is working as a developer then you can ask further details like what type of developer you are? Either Front-End or Back-End? Now if he answers any one from it, then again, we can narrow down the job role as what type of coding language you are working on? It can be Java, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL Database and so on.  In this way the scope keeps on getting narrower.

Similarly, particular domain of cyber security keeps getting narrower. For example, a security analyst or researcher can be working on Web Application, Mobile Applications like Android and iOS, Software testing, Malware testing, Cyber Forensics, Code Reviewer, and many more.

Web Application Security Researcher/Analyst

You will find most of the people working in the Web Application Security domain. The scope in this field is huge as every business has its website and it expands this field.

The person working in this field is responsible for testing web application following different methodologies, testing for various issues which can affect the security of web application.

Web application security experts will find loopholes or called vulnerabilities and make a detailed report about how it can affect the security of applications and also suggest fixes for the it.

Mobile Application Security Researcher/Analyst

Today, most of the people use mobile applications more instead of using web application because mobile phone is easy to carry and it is on hand device which is with you almost every single minute of the day. So, maintaining security of mobile applications is also very necessary.

A person working in this field is responsible for testing mobile applications same as a web application security researcher. The scope of the domain is based on various mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.

Network Security

Every big organization needs network infrastructure. As there are a number of employees working on system, there are different roles associated with employees and each one of them have different authorities of accessing the system.

A person working in the Network Security domain can be a secure network infrastructure designer who will design a secure network architecture for corporate. Also, testing or we can say network scanning is also a part of this domain.

An organization will require network security scanning audit when any changes are applied to network infrastructure. A regular audit is also required as network also required necessary security updates which are responsibility of a person working in this domain.

Bug Bounty Hunter

This is the field of freelancers. You can find people from the above discussed domain working as a freelancer security researcher.

The companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Snapchat etc. publicly announce their scope of application for testing and security experts from all over the world will try their skills to find vulnerabilities (Loopholes) in their application. As a rule of the program a security expert has to report issues following responsible disclosure policy.

This field is growing at lightning speed as no one will ask your qualification, all they are interested is your finding and report. On behalf of an acceptable loophole person will get paid as a reward which can be cash, swag or public recognition called Hall of Fame.

The people working as freelancers are earning more than their jobs by just working as part time or on weekends.

Cyber Security Trainer

Being a trainer, some of you might think or must have first thought about being a tutor. Yes, you are right, but tutor in this field is quite different. A cyber security trainer must have practical knowledge and not limited to only explaining concepts.

It requires both, also a trainer have to be updated regarding upcoming news and new cyber crime attacks. Being in the field of cyber security you need to be learning and getting updated every single day.

Every day there is a new cyber-attack in the market and you have to dig in to know what it was about. Being a trainer it’s not like training only students, but corporate sectors and banking sectors keeps on conduction seminars and workshop for their employees so that they get to know about new cyber-crime attacks and criminal methodologies.

This is the best way to secure business as employees unaware about cyber-crimes are the best target for hackers.

Cyber Security Administrator

You can say this is the entry level job in the corporate sector. Being an entry level, it does not mean that its non-technical role.

Your work as security administrator is to have a constant watch on software used by the company and should be updated regarding new patches published.

These patches need to apply to all software on time before the system gets the target of cyber-attack. Its sole responsibility of security administrator to maintain all the system software updated and secure.

If any changes or improvement needs in the system, then you should suggested to higher department.

These are just glimpsing of new field of this era. Cyber Security is a huge domain that my blog can’t cover it all.

You can do your graduation in this field, it is such large domain contains multiple sub domains narrowing down to the specific skills or work area.

If you are interested and passionate about this field then perfect time is now. People with such skills are less and demand is more. Instead of demand getting satisfied, it is constantly growing.

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