Top 10 Hollywood Movies – Combination of top Movies and Series

Top 10 Hollywood Movvies

Written by Darshit Varotaria

I'm a Web Application Pentester, Security Researcher and Bug Hunter.

July 29, 2019

Hey Techies, I have shared the list of top 10 Hollywood movies and series combine list, which you must watch if you are working in infosec or the cyber security field. Watch it guys and see the difference in your life, maybe you will start finding more bugs (laughing).

If you are not, then this list will show you that how it feels like to work in this field.

If you are working as ethical hacker, then I bet that this list of top 10 Hollywood movies and series combo will motivate you to stick to your work and you will feel superman thriving to secure the cyber space. (With great power comes great responsibilities, Yeah!)

So lets get started with the series and then moving on to movies, completing our list.

Top 10 Hollywood movies and the series combination list list goes like:

1. Mr. Robot (Series)

Mr Robot Series
Source: IMDB

This is series contains with 3 seasons and will be having its final series releasing probably this year. Oscar winner, Rami Malek has played the main character. I bet you will get goose bump while watching it and every episode will land you to something unexpected. The character is fighting with his own mind and you will see 100% true hacking tactics and not like sci-fi.

2. Person of Interest (Series)

PoI Movie
Source: IMDB

This series having 5 seasons and all of them are with high ratings available on Amazon Prime. The series revolves around the mysterious programmer who is a billionaire. He develops a super-computer named “The Machine” for Federal Government. This computer has AI capabilities of collecting source information and based on that it can predict terrorist activities that can be planned by people.

3. Intelligence (Series)

Intelligence Series
Source: IMDB

This series contains 2 seasons. The drama revolves around activities like spying and collecting intelligence data. The character of this series has been implanted with a super computer microchip in his mind and helping government cyber security agencies with special missions.

4. Scorpion (Series)

Scorpion Series
Source: IMDB

Scorpion series is titled as shown in photo. The series has 4 seasons. This is an American drama series, in which team of friends acts as the last line of defense, solving complex global problems. The team fights with the problems which requires a high level of coding, engineering and psychological skills to solve the problem.

5. Silicon Valley (Series)

Silicon Valley Series
Source: IMDB

This series has 5 seasons. This is not strictly based on hacking activities. It shows the struggle of getting your startup to high level in silicon valley. This series is highly rated and nicely shares life of entrepreneurs struggling to get startup on track.

6. Snowden (Movie)

Snowden Movie
Source: IMDB

Snowden is a biographical film about “Edward Snowden”. I you don’t know about him then I recommend this movie as “Must Watch”. This is all about secrets of the Central Intelligence Agency that Snowden makes it public.

7. Who Am I (Movie)

WhoAmI Movie
Source: IMDB

This is a movie based on Berlin’s hacker group who wanted to get famous globally. Movies revolves around the consequences of a poor child’s life, what makes him to become a hacker.

8. We Are Legion (Movie)

We Are Legion Movie
Source: IMDB

This is a documentary film based on working of a hacktivist and beliefs. The movie describes the major events carried out by famous hacktivist group called “Anonymous”.

9. Hacker (Movie)

Hacker Movie
Source: IMDB

The movie was released theatrically as “Anonymous”. It is all about online crime and dealers of black market dealers. This activity caught attention of a group of young hacker.

10. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Movie)

The Girl with the Dragin Tattoo Movie
Source: IMDB

This movie is a mystery-thriller drama based on female hacker. A journalist takes the help of a female hacker to find out a woman who is believed to be dead for 40 years.

I hope you will enjoy Top 10 Hollywood movies and the series list. If you know more movies like this then please suggest it by commenting below.

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