How to protect your Facebook account from hackers in 2019?

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November 19, 2018

The most popular social networking website Facebook with more than 2.23 billion active users has become a target for hackers this year. Recently Facebook announced a massive security breach affecting at least 50 million active users.

facebook recently notified to its users about the apps due to which data breach occurred

As Facebook data is very unique and it has a lot of value as people here directly supply information genuinely and shares most of their interests. So the company is taking steps to stop the exploit and protect users we must also follow some security steps to protect our accounts.

Tom Kelly, CEO of the identity protection company says Facebook is like a credit card in terms of the data so it’s important for you to protect your Facebook data and here are some tips for you:

  • Facebook now has an option of 2-factor logging on, in which giving your password is no longer enough. Either to change your account or to log in, from now you will need a special code that which Facebook sends to your phone.

2-factor logging in where confirmation code will be sent to your phone number

  • Creating a strong password is the best thing you can do to your account.opt for longer passwords as it is critical to hack. For the ultimate password guide, you can refer to this link.  (The ultimate password guide)
  • Always prefer secure browsing. Moreover, Facebook provides you secure browsing option. By opting this now you can automatically limit all the external applications which are integrated previously while logging in with the Facebook. For any further activity via your FB profile, these apps need your approval.
  • Never click or share the suspicious/spam links. Already many attacks occurred by clicking these links in past including money scams by using Facebook messages, chats, etc. These spam links are the phishing attacks and it will automatically redirect you to the fake website to steal all your personal information.
  • Identify a spam link which has strange fonts or spacing, several typo mistakes and Images which doesn’t match to the words written or sometimes a message claiming that your account will be deleted or locked if you didn’t forward or share to your friends.

never click on spam messages like this and always ignore or report these kinds of messages

  • As Scammers creates fake accounts to spam your timeline and to target your friends so it’s better not to accept any friend request from the people whom you haven’t known personally.
  • Use antivirus software.  Update it regularly to keep your computer more secure & safe.  Scan your mobiles too.
  • Set up Login Alerts so that you can know when someone logs into your account from a new device or browser. You can always choose to get login alerts via email, text messages or even through Facebook notifications.

set up login alerts through security settings

  • Review your purchase history regularly if you are one of them who make purchases on Facebook regularly. If you come across any suspicious purchase you can always seek help from Facebook’s Payments Support Center.
  • If you receive an email asking for your Facebook password then do not respond to it. Facebook, Twitter or even any social networking sites or even any company will never request you to give a password over email.

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