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July 26, 2019

Facebook is continously developing their platforms into the field of Virtual Reality (VR) and great example of it is Facebook360 and Facebook 3D Photo.

Few months ago, Facebook has released a new feature to its users. This feature is know as “3D Photo”. Now there are few requirements to use this feature, but it adds an eye-catchy effect to your photo which makes it feel live.

Source: Mashable

To get this effect, you are required to have at least dual camera phone to get portrait/Depth-Effect image. This effect is in beta stage and Facebook is developing it for much better results. Still, it creates stunning photo. Currently this feature is only available on iOS, starting from iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and so on. There is news in the market that Facebook will soon release it on Android platform too.

How this Facebook 3D Photo works?

The 3D photo uses depth_map data from the image file. Based on the depth_map data, Facebook can analyze the distance of the objects appeared in the image and based on that it creates the 3D effect. This is the reason that a dual camera phone is required as it will have depth_map data in captured image and Facebook can work based on it. When using a single camera, the image will not have details regarding depth_map and it will act as plain paper for the Facebook feature and it will fail to create the effect.

If you are an iPhone user then you can use it right now. But, if you are not, then no need to worry about, Facebook will be soon releasing it on other platforms. Keep an eye on it!

Follow these steps to get your 3D Photo.

1. Open your Facebook app and go to “Create Post” by clicking on “What’s on your mind?”

My iPhone Screen Shot

2. Swipe up to get more options and find “3D photo”

My iPhone Screen Shot

3. Select “3D photo” and choose your favorite portrait to get processed

4. Click next, Post it and Enjoy!

Take advantage of this feature because not everyone got this yet. Cheers!

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