The ultimate guide to choose a strong unhackable password

Written by janvi

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November 17, 2018

A few years back internet search giant Google released a list of the most common passwords, all of which are considered easily hackable and most insecure passwords which are too easy to guess such as the word “password” itself or name of a child, pet and family member, Birthplace, Anniversary dates and birthdays or their favourite sports & vacation places. Did your password have one of these common types then it’s time to change yours?

most common category of passwords and their percentage share

Most of the time people choose easy passwords as they are easy to remember but the easier a password is the easier for an attacker to guess. And some users choose shorter and difficult passwords but as it is hard to remember they write down or electronically store the password which ultimately reduces the security of a system.

So it’s better to choose longer passwords as they provide more security than shorter passwords. Here the tips are Combine two to three or even more unrelated words and alter some of the letters to numbers and special characters as it is the best thing you can do.

Now a day when we login into any kind of websites or apps our computer systems hide passwords as they are typed. The purpose of this measure is to prevent the persons standing beside from reading the password but most of the times this practice may lead to mistakes and stress thereby encouraging users to choose a weak password. As an alternative, choose an option to view the password you typed and try to open only when you are alone.

view the password

Here are some other tips to choose strong passwords to make it unhackable.

  • Use a minimum password length of 8 by including lowercase and uppercase alphabetic characters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Always avoid dictionary words, your present and past girlfriends/boyfriend names, letter or number sequences, usernames, and biographical information such as social security numbers or your ID numbers, your personal important names or dates. And do not use the same password twice.
  • Never share your password even with your partner. Mr. Charles Nii Ayiku Ayiku, an ICT lecturer at the University of Professional Studies said “some think it is romantic to share such things but it could lead to a privacy or security nightmare”
  • Researchers found that people’s favorite brands also appeared in many passwords. If you are brand obsessed then it’s better to change your password.
  • Never save your passwords in browsers as it is not safe and most of the hackers mainly target browsers as a way into the system.

always opt for nope never save password

  • Some people keep difficult passwords and then use avoid password hints as it is tough to remember. But by doing this you are giving a key to the hacker to login to your account as there is a ton of information about you online, so it won’t be too difficult to find the name of your pet or about anything.

As the password is the most common method of authentication it’s better to rely on these tips than to wait for some groundbreaking innovations comes into play.



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