The impact of hackers targeting small businesses

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November 23, 2018

A recent SMB Group report says more than 70% of hackers are going to target small businesses. And due to weak cybersecurity protection and a lack of cash to cover the damages as many as 60 percent of hacked small-to-midsize businesses go out of business after six months.

Small businesses are increasingly using the internet to facilitate there day to day operations and are therefore just as much at risk for cyber the impact of hackers targeting small businesses is much more than expected image copyright: Quadmetrics

There is not even a single day without a new cybersecurity attack in the news. Moreover, 50% of small businesses had already experienced a cyber attack. As a black hat hacker can infiltrate a computer system in seconds from anywhere and can leave no trace, and go undetected until they make the decision to reveal themselves.

In the era of cyber security attacks where black hat hackers are creating new and innovative ways to wipe data, it is too hard for small businesses to sustain after a catastrophic offensive cyber strike. Here are some best ways to protect against cyber attacks.

  • First encrypt all of your company’s data, particularly on laptops and desktops that are there at your workplace.
  • Install proper Firewalls, antivirus, and anti-malware software. Keep them constantly updated to meet the latest evolving threats. Blackhat hackers exploit the fact that most small business companies fail to update their security software in a timely fashion.
  • Always limit access by employees to sensitive data. Give access to employees who need to have.
  • Ask your employee’s to never open anything related to your company using a public wifi as it is an easy way to cybercriminals to hack into the company’s core systems. To know more about this you can check this out
  • Never permit unauthorized devices such as smartphones or USB keys and MP3 players to be plugged into office computers. They are the doorways to download malware on to the company’s computers.
  • Make sure that your company’s hard drives and data are obliterated when you replace computers and other electronic devices.
  • Maintain and regularly change your company’s website passwords and ask your employs to create complex account passwords. For more strong password guide go through this
  • Know the importance of data security and take help of professional security people to know loopholes in your systems as it is cost effective particularly when compared to black hat hackers knowing it and causing a security breach.
  • A major source of data breaches in small business occurs only when employees unwittingly download keystroke logging programs that can read and steal all of the information on a companies system. Often these keystroke logging malware programs are unwittingly downloaded by employees surfing the Internet for video games or by opening any spam emails in their Gmail’s. In fact 30% of employee’s use the office computers to login into their Gmail accounts which identity thieves are aware of and exploit this fact. To secure Gmail follow these tips
  • Having your customers’ credit card information stolen may have a long time impact on your business so to avoid this situation use a separate company to process orders and use a service that helps to weed out fraudulent credit card transactions

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