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Javascript Coding

Written by Darshit Varotaria

I'm a Web Application Pentester, Security Researcher and Bug Hunter.

July 8, 2020

Why Learn Javascript?

JavaScript is one of the most dominating coding language currently in market. It can be used at almost every stage of Web development; whether it is Front-end or Back-end. You will find it on almost every dynamic web applications fething JS Script to complete the task on Client-Side. If you have good practice of JavaScript then you can develop your own web application with this single coding language. JavaScript have many variants like Node.js, React.js, Vue.js and more. From the view of pentester, you can understand the working of .js scripts used by web application and try to find vulnerabilities by static code analysis.

Links to learn Javascript:

01. JavaScript Course – Hitesh Choudhary – Start Now!

02. Learn JS – Full Course for Beginners – Beau Carnes – Start Now!

03. Learn JS in 1 Hour – Programming with Mosh – Start Now!

04. JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners – edureka – Start Now!

Tips to get Started:

Starting with coding requires patience. Its not like something that you can get in one day. You have to practice every day by implementing what you learn. The best is to get 100 days coding challenge where you will code at-least few lines. Look at the result by the end of completing 100 days. I bet you will have a new skill in your pocket. 🙂

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