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November 21, 2018

In 2018 where ever you go one thing you can find common i.e. Public Wi-Fi whether it may be a local coffee shop, libraries or a hotels or even airports you visit while traveling. Though these WI-Fi hotspots are everywhere, they’re often not secure as you thought. They often pose security risks to all of your personal and financial information available on our laptops and Smartphones.

In a world of free wifi, you are always prone to cybersecurity risks

Cybersecurity experts say many of us are using public WI-Fi in a way that puts us at risk of our information to be stolen as there are new tools available making it lot easier than ever for hackers to steal our information.

When you use public wifi you are not only risking your personal data but also your company’s a single info about your company from your laptop sometimes may result in a data breach that can result in irreversible destruction for your company.

From the moment you connect to free WiFi network, cybercriminals collect personal and financial information such as log-in, credit card details, and passwords and they could even view files that are uploaded or downloaded.

So how can you stay safe while using free Wi-Fi? Here are some steps for you to follow to keep you away from hackers

  • Always be careful with the network you connect too and try to connect to as few as possible. Prefer cell phone data as it is more trustworthy than public Wi-Fi.
  • When you browse stick to HTTPS encrypted sites and limit the personal or financial data you share along with file sharing.
  • Never leave your Smartphone, laptop, or tablet unattended in a public place. And don’t shop online while using public Wi-Fi even if it is an offer season because making purchases online requires financial information such as bank account and retailer login credentials.
  • You might think airports and hotels wifi networks are more secure than other public wifi locations such as what you find in parks and restaurants. But even the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta had to shut down its entire WiFi network due to a cyber breach on its unsecured, unencrypted access point. And those who had been using the connection were informed they could have been affected. So think before you use international airport networks.

Even the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta had to shut down its entire WiFi network due to a data breach of its passengers (image copyright: bravo TV)

  • The best way to avoid being hacked on public WiFi is to not use it which is practically impossible, so use a virtual private network. As virtual private network allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. And it can be used to access region-restricted websites. It also shields your browsing activity from prying eyes on public WiFi.

Though the other alternatives to public WiFi networks cost money you will be benefited by additional security, peace of mind and of course the risk of your personal data getting into the hands of hackers.


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