Mega breaches of 2018 exposing 3.6 billion records

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November 24, 2018

In the year 2018 Data Breaches Have Exposed 3.6 Billion Records making its second-worst year on record after 2017 which exposed seven billion records in total. Hacking is the leading cause for data breaches, accounting up to 57.1 percent in total and fraud was another reason for records being exposed, accounting for 35.7 percent.

A recent Risk-based security Data Breach QuickView Report says in 2018 the breach activity pace remains consistent With 3,676 breaches compared to 2017. And this year 2018 continues to be marked by a lack of transparency as 34.5% of breached organizations are unwilling to disclose the number of records exposed.

Out of 3,676 breaches, 1,626 reported are from the U.S. which exposed 1.16 billion records. China (302.5 million records), Germany (121.8 million records) and the United Kingdom (119 million records) are the countries where more than 100 million records were exposed.

According to Risk Based Security the top five data breaches so far this year are:

  • The top one is an unnamed Indian organization exposing 1.19 billion names and unique identification numbers (Aadhaar numbers) making it the fifth largest breach of all time.

mega breach 1: Though the Indian government denied security vulnerability’s in Aadhar systems an unnamed Indian organization exposed 1.19 billion names copyright image: Apac

  •  The top two is Swiss business software company Veeam’s 445 million detailed customer records got exposed making it 8th largest breach of all time.

mega breach 2: Swiss business software company Veeam exposed 445 million detailed customer records

  •  The top three is hackers exposing U.S. marketing company Exactis 340 million records making it the twelfth largest breach of all time.

mega breach 3: Marketing firm Exactis exposes 340 Million Records on US consumers


  • The top four is Social media giant Twitter exposing 336 million records making it the thirteenth largest breach of all time.

mega breach 4: Twitter wrote we recently found a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log.

  • The top five is hackers exposing Chinese hotel operator Huazhu 240 million customer contact details and bank account numbers making it the fifteenth largest breach of all time.

mega breach 5 : Screenshot of post selling Huazhu customer data copyright image: Technode

Inga Goddijn, executive vice president at Risk Based Security said the primary difference between 2017 and 2018 is the lack of a catastrophic event like the Petya/NotPetya and WannaCry outbreaks. And despite not having any catastrophic event the overall trend continues to be more ‘mega breaches’ impacting tens of millions, if not hundreds and thousands of millions, of records at once.

she noted that there will be a shift in hackers targeting various sectors. An information security expert too said that healthcare will be the biggest targets in the next five years as hackers will be able to quantify how they can monetize the data.


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