Install and Setup Ngrok in Kali Linux

Written by Darshit Varotaria

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April 30, 2020

In this blog, we will install and setup Ngrok tool, which is an open source tool used by large number of infosec community.

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This tool provides a tunnel like feature. It will work as request forwarding all your localhost browser requests to its own generated temporary server links.

In this way we you communicate from your localhost to other end outside your localnetwork and vise versa. This feature is very usefull when trying to communicate with the shell/backdoor on other end.

To install and setup Ngrok, follow the given steps below:

Open your browser and Google search “ngrok download” or you can also visit the link given below, which is the link to official site.

Official link:

Make your account on ngrok portal to get Auth Token. This will be required while using it.

Screenshot of my Screen

After successfully making account, on top find and Click on option “Download for Linux”. File will get downloaded in Downloads folder by default.

Go to Downloads folder and unzip the folder. I’ve unzipped it on my Desktop. To extract, double click on zip folder, and click on Extract option located at top-left corner.

Now, open terminal there or go to the folder where you have extracted Ngrok file. (In my case its on Desktop)

Now execute the command given below.

./ngrok authtoken YOUR AUTHTOKEN

You are all done and ready to fire-up the Ngrok tool.

To start the Ngrok tool, Execute the command given below. (Make sure you are inside the folder where you have extracted)

./ngrok http 80

Now the Ngrok tool will get started and you can access it by your browser. Simply, open your browser and you can find it running on your localhost, accessible on port 4040 by default.

Access Link: (Make sure its the same at your end when you start Ngrok)

To read the help manual or look at the options available, simply execute the command given below.

./ngrok -help

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