How to Secure Gmail in 2019

Written by janvi

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November 14, 2018

We are in a generation of the Internet which is offering too many features and opportunities to create collaborate and explore. And in that email is the most critical aspect of our digital identities. So it is important to keep our account safe and secure as it unlocks the doors to our other digital accounts and assets.

Here I recommend you to secure your email accounts to keep your data from getting into cybercriminals by following some simple tips and tricks listed below:

Set a strong password:

Your password is like a key to hackers so set a strong password every time and change it after few months. To change your password go to setting and then go to Password & Sign-In, click Password. Enter your current password and then enter your new password, and then confirm it. And check common password mistakes & make sure you avoid all of them.

Turn on two-step verification:

Two-factor authentication is an additional security strategy that helps to protect your account as you’ll need a password & another identifier to access your account.

To set up open Sign-in & security in a browser and then click ‘2-Step Verification’ now Google will ask you to use your phone as your second sign-in step. And then it will send you a verification code to your mobile number. If someone tries to hack into your account then they won’t be able until and unless they access your phone.

If you really want to be more secure for business and other purposes you might use a safer alternative email service like ProtonMail or GMX. But for most of the people and for personal and other uses these three steps are enough.

After setting up a strong password and using a two-step verification code if you still find suspicious activity on your account then follow the steps to help secure your account:

  • Check for viruses and malware: On your Smartphone or desktop run a scan with trusted antivirus software. If the scan detects any malicious programs or applications then remove them immediately.
  • Report phishing emails:  Report all kinds of phishing or spam emails and if found legit then Gmail will treat them as spam emails in the future. To report follow these steps first open a phishing message in Gmail. Then Click on the options icon & choose “Report phishing”
  • lock an email address if it’s suspicious: If you receive an email that you find fishy or suspicious then block the sender to stop receiving any further emails from the same sender.
  • Perform operating system and browser updates regularly: Make sure you’ve set your desktop or Smartphone to update automatically. If you get a notice to update, then update immediately.
  • If you use a public computer then take these extra steps: Always sign out of your account when your work is done and regularly clear cookies, forms, passwords in your browser.

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