How to Boost Your WordPress Website Speed?

Written by Darshit Varotaria

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September 27, 2018

Boost your WordPress Website Speed!

Hello Everyone! In this blog I will be talking about how to boost your wordpress website loading speed.

When we open any website link, there is lots of things happening in back-end to satisfied our request. Now imagine that a website taking lots of time in loading and you are very excited to read it content or you are fixing something and you are badly waiting to read that website’s content.

I know that waiting is frustrating and it will force you to move on to another website.

So, in this way whether a website is for business purpose or a blog, loading times matters a lot and due to this you will be losing many of your clients who have just crawl through your website link without watching content of it.

I’ve recently created this website blog website and when I checked the website speed using google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, the score was horrifying and shocking.

Screenshot of Mobile Score

Screenshot of Desktop Score


Now, the next step was to improve the unacceptable score that I was getting and to do that I used plugins available in wordpress.

So, before moving further, login into your WordPress dashboard first.

To install new plugin, you have to follow the steps given below. This will remain same to add every new plugin.

Step 1: Login into your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Take your mouse arrow on plugins and click on Add New.

Step 3: Search the required plugin and click on install.

That’s it! These 3 steps are common to add any new plugin.

Plugin 1. W3 Cache to boost WordPress website speed:

Install W3 Cache plugin and activate it.

Once you activate it, an option “Performance” will appear in list.

Click on “General Setting” inside the “Performance” tab and follow the settings shown below.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Now just click on “Save Settings & Purge Caches” and our W3 Cache is Ready!

Plugin 2. Smush to boost WordPress website speed:

Install Smush plugin and activate it to optimize all the images that are uploaded.

In free version there are limitation but it will be very helpful.

Once you activate it, a dialog box will be pop-up. Click on skip button and apply the settings that I’ve shown below.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Once the settings applied, click on Update Settings. Now every new image uploaded will get automatically smushed.

Now, you have to smush all the images which are already present in media.

For that we will use Bulk Smush option that you will find on top.

Bulk Smush Option on Top

Click on the button to bulk smush all the image, it will take time depending in the number of images. Once it is done you are all set to experience the improved speed of your website.

After installing and applying settings of W3 Cache and Smush plugins, you will see your website loading much faster.

Before checking your new score, open browser in incognito mode and simple open your website and visit different pages for few times. In some case it might take few hours to show the improved score.

Now check your score again you will see a lot of improvement.

My improved score is shown below.

Screenshot of Mobile Improved Score

Screenshot of Desktop Improved Score

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