How to add Guest User in Windows 10 – It’s not simple as you think

Add guest user to windows 10

Written by Darshit Varotaria

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September 5, 2019

Hey techies! I’m back again with a new tutorial in which we are going to add guest user in Windows 10.

Yes, I know it’s very simple, go to user account and activate Guest user in Windows 10, Right? No, it’s not.

I was also thinking that I will find Guest user in windows 10’s user account settings, But you won’t find any option there. This situation arises when I have to give my laptop for repair to shop.

Add guest user to windows 10 Image 1
Screenshot on my devise

If you will try to add new user then Windows 10 will take you to unwanted steps like adding a Microsoft account for new users or if you don’t have it then create a new one. I was like, why I need to do these steps? Simply add a guest user in windows 10, huh!

So, I’ll show you how you can avoid these steps and simply add it without wasting time.

Add Guest User in Windows 10:

Just follow the steps given below, don’t worry it’s so simple, quick and easy to follow.

Search for CMD or open Command prompt with administrator rights. (cmd image)

Add guest user to windows 10 Image 2
Screenshot on my device

Once, the CMD open up, write the commands given below step by step.

Step 1: Add Guest User to Windows 10

Type the command given below in your command prompt. (There is space between /add and /active:yes)

$ net user Visitor /add /active:yes

Add guest user to windows 10 Image 3
Screenshot on y device

Step 2: Setting up a password

Now, this step is optional. If you don’t want to set a password for guest user then simply go to user account and click on manage account, you will find that account has been created.

To set a password for a guest user account, type the command given below and set the password.

$ net user Visitor *

Add guest user to windows 10 Image 4
Screenshot on my device

You are all done by setting up guest user, go to Control Panel => User Account => Manage Another Account. You’ll find a guest account with the name “Visitor“.

Add guest user to windows 10 Image 5
Screenshot on my device

Now you can simply, click on Startup and click on your device name. You will see visitor account option. Click on it and you will be taken over to the guest account.

Add guest user to windows 10 Image 6
Screenshot on my device

For the first time it will take a few minutes to setup.

Hope you find it helpful, please share it so that others also get to know about it.

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