How secure is using GB Whatsapp in 2018?

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November 11, 2018

WhatsApp is a most powerful messaging app owned by Facebook. It allows users to send text messages, voice calls, video calls, images, documents and user location at free of cost. Although it has lots of features; it has limitations too such as we can only use a single WhatsApp account on one device and we can forward a message to only five people at a time.

So people are looking for alternatives. One such alternative is using GB WhatsApp and it offers so much more than official WhatsApp. It is mainly helpful for peoples who wanted to use two Whatsapp on one android device. Due to that, it has seen a rise in popularity. But the real question here is how secure is to use it?

First, let us discuss the pros of using GB Whatsapp before we get to if it is secure to use.

The main feature of using this app is it also allows people to hide the Blue ticks as official Whatsapp does but preview image/video without loading and it can send a broadcast message to 600 people and 90 images at once. And the few other features are listed below:

Two simultaneous accounts in the same application:

GBWhatsApp allows users to use two accounts with two different phone numbers at once without having to switch users SIM card.


GBapp has implemented the possibility to hide our online status which is the same as official Whatsapp but the main difference here is we can view information about our contacts, even though they can’t see ours.

a lot of privacy options


GBWhatsApp offers the users to modify the interface and customize it alternating the type and size of the font, as well as its colors. So users can customize their Whatsapp the way they wanted it to be.

Now let us discuss the cons of using GB Whatsapp:

It may be banned anytime:

As we know GBwhatspp is an unofficial app so we can’t rule out the possibility of future bans for users that download this application.

Automatic updates:

GBWhatsApp doesn’t update automatically. So we should look for new versions to download all the time.

Coming to our question how secure is it to use GB Whatsapp?

GBwhatsapp is prone to malware infections and security risk as it is an unofficial application.up to now we there are no cases to be worried about but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen

Moreover, it has access to our contact list and our communications, whether via text message or voice message. Official WhatsApp has a higher degree of accountability to users compared to GBwhatsapp.

And this app isn’t directly available from the Google Play Store. It may mean this app didn’t pass the security checks of Google Play Protect and might be having malicious code that spies on you. So it’s risky to use after knowing what that they might be doing.


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