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Hiding Secret Data

Written by Darshit Varotaria

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May 15, 2020

In this blog, we will learn hiding secret message using a tool called steghide. This tool can be used to hide your data into any format of file like jpg, png, execl, pdf etc. Use of this tool is very simple and you can hide your secret file with password protection. On the other hand the same tool will be used to extract the secret file.

Send and receive secret message using steganography techniques using steghide:

Ths Steghide is one of the popular and easy to use stegnography tool. When you hide the secret message inside it then it will ask for password. So, person having password can only extract the file. You can easily hide secret message and use it for private communication.

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Steps to install steghide and hiding secret message:

01. Install Steghide.

$ apt-get install steghide

Hiding secret data using stego
Screenshot of my device

02. Check it. Once it gets install, we are ready to go.

$ steghide

03. After checking, copy your secret file and image file in which you want to hide date to Desktop.

hiding secret data Steghide
Screenshot of my device

04, Open terminal and go to Desktop by “cd Desktop” command. After that, execute the command given below to hide data.

$ steghide embed -ef Secret.txt -cf Image.jpg

Screenshot of my device

05. Now, your data got embedded inside image file.

06. To extract it, execute the command given below.

$ steghide extract -sf Image.jpg

Screenshot of my device

Stenography is a vast field and it contains various methodologies to hide data. Hackers use this methodologies to hide data from legal investigation authorities.

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