Get Started with Pre OSCP/WE Guide

Written by Darshit Varotaria

I'm a Web Application Pentester, Security Researcher and Bug Hunter.

July 7, 2020

What Is OSCP and OSWE?

OSCP stands for Offensive Security Certified Professional is one of the best certification which is offered by Offensive Security. It is not a beginner level of course because it is designed to test your practical skill to high extent. You should have clear concepts of Networks and Applications. It also requires you to have skills to create your own scripts by using Bash Shell or Python. If you enrol for this course then you are provided with learning material and access to lab where you can practice practically. The exam is of 24 hrs in which you have to show your skills by hacking into virtual machines provided. Finally, you have to make a detailed report containing all the information and steps to took to hack those machines.

OSWE stands for Offensive Security Web Expert is the next level certification which you can opt after completing OSCP certification. OSWE mainly focus on core security issues which can e found in an Web Application. (Read More…)

What You Gain after completing?

  1. Solid Proof of your Skills
  2. You will build patience and focus
  3. Advanced skills to pentest.
  4. You will get used to Try Harder! 😀

OSCP/WE Prep Course Links:

01. Offensive Hacking MasterClass Pre OSWP Course – Sagar Bansal – Start Now!

02. Web Hacking MasterClass Pre OSWE Course – Sagar Bansal – Start Now!

03. CISSP MasterClass – Sagar Bansal – Start Now!

04. OSCP Prep – IppSec – Start Now!

05. OSWE Prep – IppSec – Start Now!

06. OSCP Prep Course – webpwnized – Start Now!

Tips to Get Started:

Start the course when you have plenty of time or a short break because sometimes it might requires you to understand concepts properly. You need to research on some topics. So, don’t set you goal to learn everything in one day, practice the skills and you will be on track. 🙂

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